Our Wedding Music Theme


Imagine if you will: its that moment, everyone is elated, anticipation is in the air, and the bridal procession begins. There is glorious music filling the space that no one has heard before, but sets the tone perfectly…filled with the glory of true love, hope and a sense of triumph.

And it’s YOUR music. Music you had made based on the hopes and dreams you share as a couple, how you see yourselves in the world. We get to know you a little, in order to generate the perfect music, the same way film composers create theme music for characters on the screen. Except this is far more profound….this is real life, and more importantly, the moment you’ve waited your whole life for, and one which you’ll look back on with so much fondness and even draw strength from, remembering the beauty, the perfection, the synergy.

Take a listen here to listen to an example of what we can create just for you. We look forward to getting to know you and helping play a part in making your special day even more magnificent.

And congratulations!!!!