How it Works

You’ll be given a short survey which will help us dig into the specifics about what kind of music will be most reflective of your character and thus effective at enhancing and empowering you.

We organize that data and dramatize it with music, the same way a film composer would to suit a character on the screen, only it’s real life! Given this data, which is meaningful and personal to you, directly infuses into the composition process, it’s a powerful way like none other for you to live each day empowered, to reacquaint with your inner protagonist…(unless you’re actually a villain in which case you’ll be referred to our in-house evil twin composer, Mr. Hyde, haha.)…

You are then free to use your music wherever and whenever you want: it YOURS! For personal empowerment, website/blog, entrance onto stage for public speakers/motivators/authors, or any other uses you can imagine!

Contact us today to get started!!