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Tariku’s Theme – for Tariku Bogale, international man of intrigue, philanthropist, entrepreneur, film producer and author of “Unstoppable.”

OmniScience (for David Suzuki)

OmniScience was thrilling to create as a tribute to the warrior for our planet who is David Suzuki. His level of commitment to his (which really is all of our) cause over the years is truly staggering. His dedication in terms of putting himself on the line beyond inspiring. And his activism should get under our skin and catalyze all of us to rise up to at least some level of commitment to help give voice to a cause no matter how small it seems.

Straight Up (for Dan Millman, internationally best-selling author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”)

“I found my ‘theme’  to be a blend of excitement, stirring emotion, promise, and drama. Really like it! I won’t be surprised to learn that you’re scoring many TV shows and films. What a talent!”  -Dan Millman

Empress of Arbitrarium (for Meagan Holub)

“Words can’t describe the depth, nuance, and intuitive insight that would inspire a theme song so perfectly suited for my journey though this life. Intense. Powerful. Dramatic: all are an understatement. Even more astounding, is the metaphorical story woven into the song. It’s as if Schroeder Nordholt, lead composer at, sees into my heart, mind, and soul, and through music pays tribute to my choice to be a spiritual warrior, and bringer of light, in this world. I’m not surprised to hear Hollywood already purchased the rights to my theme song. It is truly a brilliant work of art.”        – Meagan Holub

Rekindle (for Shanti McPhee)

“It’s true what they say marriage is hard work. The music my husband had created for me not only brought us so much closer as a couple, its sense of triumph somehow motivates that part of myself I describe as my inner hero; daily I’m crushing it in life and in my marriage! Thank you MyMusicTheme!”   – Shanti McPhee

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