MyMusicTheme is a culmination and amassing of the tremendous skills and life experience of Schroeder Nordholt.

Schroeder was classically trained throughout his childhood, went on to graduate with honours in Jazz Piano and Film Scoring from Humber College in Toronto.

Since then Schroeder has over 20 years experience teaching music to kids and adults, therein generating an impressive general knowledge, appreciation and empathy for people. He’s played in many bands and composed music for many short films and one feature length.

MyMusicTheme brings all of this professional and personal experience together to create what it is: personal theme music from straight out of the movies. There’s nothing like this out there…totally unique, from the music itself to how Schroeder is able to take select details about you and weave that into a piece of music of your very own!

Your Music Theme may sound like it’s straight out of X-Men and someone else’s closer to Titanic, and that guy over there? His theme sounds like it’s from a scene in Ace Ventura, haha. Totally depends on who we are writing for.

Same as in a movie score, we compose music to reflect and enhance your character and/or a specific event; music that instantly elevates you to find and push your edge and crush life; music that will further you in actualizing your goals; music that can help you deal with past trauma; music that will actually penetrate beyond your conscious mind into the realm of the infinite, assisting you directly in unlocking your innate unlimited potential.

We all know the power of music to take us to new places, but MyMusicTheme.com will activate something different because it’s totally original and unique to YOU.  To further enhance the effectiveness of our work we use A432 natural tuning.

It’s a hugely valuable branding tool for public speakers, motivators and coaches, authors and entrepreneurs. Podcasters, youtubers, yep!

MyMusicTheme.com works especially well for weddings (the walk up the aisle, do we really need Here Comes the Bride played one more time? Come on, let’s get original people!) Also the happy couple will have their Theme forever as a keepsake of their wedding, and it will serve to remind them over the years of their love.

Likewise it’s perfect for Anniversary gifts. Your own romantic and triumphant anniversary theme will have you two role playing Jack and Rose from Titanic in no time!

Also great for milestone gifts…for that special person celebrating any of life’s big events like birthdays, graduations, promotions, or maybe even for someone you know who just needs a general morale booster.

A totally original and brand new tool to quickly activate your innate power, bring your inner protagonist to life. It will instantly generate that larger than life feeling, the way movies do, but 100% personal to you. No matter what else is going on in your world, MyMusicTheme.com can elevate you like nothing else and help you live each day inspired and empowered.

Have a listen here to some work we’ve done for past clients.

Contact us today for special introductory pricing. Because it’s such a new company, only opened in June of this year, we are offering half price to all orders placed in 2017!