OmniScience: a Theme for David Suzuki, warrior for the planet πŸŒŽ

It was with dignified honour and respect that OmniScience was created. David Suzuki spent his life working tirelessly and at great expense to his own self and even safety and that of his family. He extended himself beyond measure to ensure that his voice is heard loud and clear, consistently throughout the decades. While most of us can’t possibly know the detailed science behind what’s been going on on our planet since the dawn of the Industrial Age, it can’t not bring up a little bit of checking in with our own levels of activism, whether we could be contributing more even in any small ways…hopefully this piece gives you the opportunity to tap into that mindset and remain open to little ways we can lend our voices to something greater than ourselves…

You can hear it now on our Clients page, just click on OmniScience.

With ❀️

the MyMusicTheme Team

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