A Theme for the Peaceful Warrior

Long ago I was drawn to read the book “Way of the Peaceful Warrior – a book that changes lives”…. and to say my life was changed is a dramatic understatement. It helped me in very obvious and tangible ways but also on very subtle levels, tapping into the subtle frequencies and in Dan’s words the lines of energy that flow in any activity, in his case sports and in my case music.

Straight Up is a piece I was inspired to create based on these lines of energy, not that they follow straight lines but that the truth of their existence is “Straight Up”.

Dan has since gone on to use his Theme for some promo videos for his new book “The Hidden School – the Return of the Peaceful Warrior” which you can find on his website, peaceful warrior.com.

If you feel inspired, pop over to our Clients page and have a listen to “Straight Up,” and if you are an author, motivational expert, empowerment coach, health or educational professional, you may find that having your own MyMusicTheme incredibly powerful and valuable for your own empowerment, website/promotional use, speaking engagements etc.

Be well and enjoy the music!


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