Empress of Arbitrarium

Announcing our MyMusicTheme for the incomparable Meagan Holub. Meagan is the renown author of the Magic Touch book series, educating massage therapists how to grow a $100K+ business, and the founder of The Love Institute which is offers couples massage classes.

The story of the Theme:

The Empress of Arbitrarium is a leader who can’t stand the status quo. She knows she can achieve a higher level of inner and outer success for herself but also for everyone around her. The world seems so apathetic, everyone seems to make Arbitrary choices based on limited vantage points, imposed upon them by the systems of control. She is enraged by this and abides by a commitment to fight against the forces of inertia through her own example and also fearlessly speaking out.

Click here and then click on the Empress of Arbitrium link to have a listen. Make sure to turn it up!!!

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