Custom Audio Branding. Together we will activate a powerful connection to yourself and your brand. You’ll get YOUR OWN theme music which carries the meaning and the mission of your name or your brand, and ties together all your media across platforms.

I found my ‘theme’ to be a blend of excitement, stirring emotion, promise, and drama. Really like it! I won’t be surprised to learn that you’re scoring many TV shows and films. What a talent!” -Dan Millman, New York Times bestselling author of “Way of the Peaceful Warrior.”


MyMusicTheme is a fully customized theme music branding package. When used consistently across platforms, it creates a recognizable audio signature which serves to elevate your profile and your mission.

It is ideal for, but not limited to, keynote speakers/thought leaders, business coaches, personal trainers, authors, entrepreneurs, motivational experts and athletes.

Imagine for a moment: if they made a movie of YOUR life, what would the opening credits theme music sound like?  Is it action-packed, emotionally dramatic, romantic, or is it a rollicking comedy? Maybe you want music that sounds like the soundtrack to the movie of the life you wish you had, to put you in the mindset of achieving your dream life! Or it could help you in overcoming trauma, or commemorating a life event…

Welcome to, where you can have your very own cinematic theme music worthy of any film score! Your  music is 100% personal to you, you own it, and just like you there’s none other out there quite like it, never has been, never will be.

You can listen to examples of our work on the Clients page




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